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March Family Saturday: Stories in Stained Glass

March 23, 2012

As a PK (preacher’s kid) my son has spent a lot of time in churches before and after services.  Fortunately for both of us, my husband is a consummate storyteller and churches are full of colourful  illustrations.

Last Saturday, this gift was shared with the wider community as I enlisted Thomas to lead a storytelling tour of the Cathedral.  A small group of adults (including a number of curious parishioners) followed on the heels of a captivated audience of children as we heard a selection of stories from the Bible, the lives of the saints, and church history.

The stories were interspersed with activities.  Count the angels (highest count so far: 99!).  Lie down in the shape of the Cathedral (aka: a cross).  Sit on the cathedra (the Bishop’s chair, not the building!).  In this way, not only our eyes and ears but our bodies got involved as we let the Cathedral talk to us, for a change.

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