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Kids and the Sacraments

March 21, 2012

Baptismal water, funny wafers, and shiny cups—the sacraments were designed for children.  These are the touchable, tastable, seeable signs of God’s miraculous grace working in our lives and sure evidence that God is not just out there somewhere but is also right here in the earthy stuff we can grab hold of.

Sacramental theology—all the doctrinal and philosophical words about what that grace is and how it works and how we should respond—that stuff is for adults who need the sacraments explained so we can contain them in our heads.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the theology!  It’s  important and helpful but it’s not where the grace is.  The grace is in what happens to us when we  enter into the mysteries, open to being transformed whether by being washed or being fed.  I don’t properly know what happens in myself, let alone another person, but I believe that something holy is happening and that God is the One making it happen— in an age-appropriate, person-appropriate way for each one of us.

I recently came across this on my twitter feed:”this is my body given for you unless you are under the age @ which you actually know what is happening” #notwhatJesussaid

It’s not what Jesus said because baptism and communion are not about  intellectual comprehension.  They’re about entering into a relationship that will last a lifetime – and both you and your children are invited.

(originally published in the March issue of the Christ Church Cathedral Family Newsletter)

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