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June 15th – Making the mosquito

August 13, 2014

That afternoon a group of older youth gathered and we saw a video about the life-cycle of mosquitoes and learned that the female mosquito needs blood in order to nourish her eggs. Most of us wouldn’t mind losing such a little amount of blood, but two things happen in the process:
1. She sends a chemical into our blood to keep it fluid so she can suck away some of it – and the chemical makes us itch.
2. Many times she passes along parasites that have germs make people very, very ill.

We discussed what we had seen and heard and spent the rest of the afternoon working diligently on the five foot mosquito. We built upon a framework created by some adults and used papier-mâché and an assortment of other materials until the mosquito was finished. We had just enough time to eat some pizza when parents arrived to take people home.

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