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August 3rd – Story of Creation

August 13, 2014

On the fifth day of creation, after the sun and moon and the land and the water had been created, God said, “Let the seas be full of living creatures and the sky be full of birds.” And there were fish and whales and turtles and eagles and sparrows and pigeons and seagulls and robins and every kind of sea creature and bird. And God said, “The sea creatures and the birds are good.” And God blessed them and said, “Be healthy and have many babies so that you fill the sea and the sky.”

On the next day, the sixth day of creation, God said, “Let the earth be full of living creatures.” And there were cows and spiders and elephants and lizards and dogs and tigers and worms and moose and every kind of creature that lives on the land. And God said, “The land creatures are good.”

Then God said, “Let there be people, made in my image, and let them take care of all the creatures in the sea and in the sky and on the land.” And God made people in God’s image Then God blessed them and said, “Be healthy and have families. Fill the earth and take care of it. It is very, very good.”
Genesis 1: 24-29

We had a visitor who was filming our Sunday School today so we were inside instead of outside and we showed him the range of prayers that we might say from week to week. We sang our welcoming song using each person’s name and we said the Lord’s Prayer using the actions we have been learning. For our own personal prayers, where we thank God or ask God’s help, we filled our plate with holy water, lit a candle, turned off the lights and chose a stone to put on the plate while saying our prayer aloud. Everyone chose something important to them to pray about. Jonathan then showed us some photographs from Tanzania, in Africa, and we talked about what we have learnt about malaria and how we can help with our Weave-a-Net project.

Jonathan then told us the story of Creation. We each had a chance to add fish or birds or animals to the display that showed us how God intended people to “take care of all the creatures in the sea and in the sky and on the land”. We talked about what this meant and we had some great ideas. We discussed how we should be respectful of animals and plants, how we should care about the environment and how, for example, we should not litter. We decided that these were all ways which God intended people to take care of all that had been created on Earth. We told each other about our favourite animals and drew on a big, big piece of paper our favourite part of the Creation story.

We had run out of time so we tidied up, came together to share the peace and went back upstairs to join our parents for communion.

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