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Now the Green Blade Riseth

April 5, 2013

After the success of last year’s Pennies for Haiti appeal, Christ Church Cathedral Sunday School seeds 001launched its Lent Appeal, Now the Green Blade Riseth.  Proceeds from the appeal will go to PWRDF (The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund) for a food security program in Masasi, Tanzania, which features farmers sharing successful seeds with their neighbours. This program is vital in the region as most households only have enough food for four to eight months each year.  Find out more about the PWRDF Seeds for Change program.

Sunday School is particularly excited about supporting a project in Masasi, as it will enable us to learn more about the people who live in our companion diocese.

seeds 002On Palm Sunday (March 24th) the children planted quick-growing seeds such as nasturtiums, marigolds, beetroots and mustard hoping and praying that by Easter morning, some shoots would have appeared.  Members oseeds 010f the congregation were invited to “nurture” a plant by making a donation to Seeds for Change (contributions continue to be welcome!).

By Maundy Thursday, the first shoots poked up above the soil and were blessed at the beginning of the Easter morning service by the Dean.  The children placed the flowerpots in the Easter Garden  for visitors to the cathedral to enjoy.  If you are in Montreal, be sure to stop by and make your way up to the high altar to see how the plants are doing!

the first shoots

This coming Sunday, we will continue to think about the promise of seeds and the potential of partnerships as we celebrate a transferred 5th Sunday service.  Look for an update next week!

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