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Sunday School Returns!

September 14, 2012


What a happy return we all had to Sunday School last week, and what a lovely, supportive community of ‘grown-up friends’ is growing around our young children.

Firstly we were treated to a jazzy song composed and sung by one of our new Dads, accompanying himself on his autoharp, which fascinated the children. We loved learning this song which we will share with the rest of the congregation when we worship together in the cathedral on the 5th Sunday at the end of this month.

Next a dear friend of Sunday School, who expresses her faith through liturgical dance, transformed us in an instant into flickering flames and whooshing winds, encouraging us to use our bodies and movements to thank God for all the blessings we have.

Finally another Sunday School Dad read the creation story to us in French (from an iPad!) as the children copied his movements and actions to bring the story alive.

We are blessed to have these dear ‘grown-up’ friends of Sunday School who make Sunday School so rich and meaningful for the children, and who share their experience, faith and love to nurture our young children here at Christ Church Cathedral!


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