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The Lord is my Shepherd

May 4, 2012

April 29th was the Fifth Sunday of the month and so the whole Christ Church Cathedral family stayed upstairs to learn and worship together.  In preparation, the children made a beautiful altar frontal, inspired by the psalm appointed for the day, Psalm 23.   Throughout the service, they accompanied our wonderful choir, ringing bells and shakers in praise of God.

Our dean, Paul Kennington, sat on the chancel steps to talk about shepherds and sheep, challenging us to embrace the freedom that our good shepherd knows we need in order to grow.  He also reminded us that we can feel safe in that freedom, knowing that our shepherd knows who we are and will always love us.

The service continued with children and grown-ups joining in prayer, laying stones as symbols of our intercessions and using our bodies to learn the Lord’s Prayer in a new way.  Truly, a little child shall lead us.


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