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A new year and a new job

September 2, 2011

I may never stop thinking of September as the actual beginning of a new year.  Too many years of school have conditioned me to associate the cooling of the air and the advertising of school supplies with new beginnings.  And, in many ways, it’s still true even in this, my first non-school year in a very long time.  The end of summer brings people back to their routines whether from vacations and or just backyards, and so it is the start of the programme year for Christ Church Cathedral, where I am still a new addition to the ministry team.


As a result of that new position, I have not been able to write another year’s worth of lesson plans for Stories on the Way.  My apologies to those of you who were hoping for more!  I am, however, getting to see the plans I’ve already got in action for the first time as we will be using the curriculum here at the Cathedral.  I also have big plans for experiments in ministry with families and ways of involving children in the “upstairs” worship.  Some of that may find its way onto this site…


In the meantime, here is the fall calendar for the Cathedral.  Stop in and say hello if you are ever in the neighbourhood!    CCC Fall Calendar

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  1. Mark Monroe permalink
    September 7, 2011 8:50 pm

    Rhonda —

    Your star burned very brightly for a short time as a Sunday School curriculum writer — thank you! I’m going to sit down with our other teacher (!!!) this week and review your curriculum, materials from a couple of prior ones that we used, and some lessons I’ve developed on my own to plan out the next few months.

    Do you think this blog could be a place to share lesson ideas between different teachers? I would happily share some things that have worked well for me, and would love to get ideas from others who have no doubt done the same thing.


    Let me know what you think, and whether you have contacts developed through SOTW or elsewhere who might be interested. We would need to take it from there, of course.

    Best of luck in your new position!

    Mark M.

  2. October 22, 2011 3:54 pm

    Rhonda, thank you so much for these materials! You have planted an important seed. I like Mark M.’s idea above: a small church Wikirriculum. I am posting links to Stories on the Way on my own site, The Mustard Seed Journal, and perhaps others will see, find something useful, and be inspired to build on this idea.

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