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Check-In #1

October 22, 2010

Looking Back

If you’ve been following the suggested schedule, you have likely worked through some or all of the lessons on Creation and Moses and the Burnish Bush and I’d like to hear from you:

  • Which lesson worked best?  Which one worked worst?
  • What changes did you make to suit the lessons to your class?
  • What kinds of non-traditional Sunday School settings did you try?
  • Was anyone brave enough to try the improv game in With God’s Help (Moses 1)?  How’d it go?  Do I need to scrap the activity all together?

If you’ve been following your own schedule, I’d love for you to share what you’ve done and why you’ve chosen to do it in your order.  Perhaps other people will like your system better than mine.

Looking Ahead

The Christmas Lesson Plans/Pageant have been getting a lot of hits lately.  Are you planning on using them?  As lessons or also as a pageant?  Do you have any questions or suggestions?

I’ll be posting some thoughts for incorporating kids into the holiday services in the coming weeks.  Let me know if you have anything you’d like to share.

And a Request

Has anyone made translations of any lesson plans that they would be willing to share?  I know of at least one parish looking for materials in French…


As always, use the comments here or join us on Facebook – share photos of projects, ask questions, offer insights, share other resources…

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  1. Diana Britton permalink
    November 24, 2010 5:49 am

    I have stumbled upon your site whilst looking for Christmas material and curriculum for 2011. I will probably be coordinating and taking Sunday School next year. We are a small church and numbers of chn can range from 2 to 15, preschoolers to 11yr olds. Often we need to be able to engage all of them in the one session.
    Your site looks to be one of the best I have seen in that you have a variety of options and ways of engaging all ages.
    Thank you, I look forward to exploring more of your lessons and to putting them into action in the New year.
    Flagstone Community Christian Church
    Queensland, Australia

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