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September 15, 2010

September is well and truly here.  Some of you have started your programs and some are planning kick-off Sundays in the coming weeks.  I am thrilled by the reception that Stories on the Way has received from congregations all over the place and from across a wide variety of traditions.  But I’m not ready to be out of the loop just yet – these lesson plans are a work in progress and I need you to help move them to the next level.

As you teach a lesson, please make note of what worked, what didn’t, what you changed, and why.  Then send me an email at or leave a comment on the webpage for that lesson.  You’ll be helping future users – those who are teaching the lesson next week and those who will teach it next year.  You will probably also find that engaging in this kind of regular reflection will make you a better teacher and that the thoughts of your fellow teachers will enhance your own work on all the other lessons.


In a side note, I was excited to have Stories on the Way named one of the Top 100 Children’s Ministry Blogs by Tony Kummer at  Click the badge over on the left to read about the criteria he used and see what other wonderful websites are out there!

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  1. Mark Monroe permalink
    September 26, 2010 9:18 pm

    Rhonda —

    Saw your FB post wondering if anyone used the curriculum today. I did and the kids loved it. Being craft-challenged, I also loved having an easy-to-set-up art/craft lesson. It was Creation #2 (we started late). Last week, week 1 for us, was a little dicey — 2 new, young kids who were shy and mostly wanted to hide behind their mother. But we did the story and took a walk around outside (it was okay for us to touch… clipped a few flowers for a little bouquet) and they started getting comfortable. Today another kid, a girl in kindergarten, came in with a big smile, all ready to go. The other 2 relaxed and everybody had a ball with colored paper, markers, scissors and glue. Hands-on activity is a really great ice-breaker.

    I was thinking: Sometimes God gives you just what you need. And Stories On The Way is a big part of that. So I will repeat my earlier comment: Thank you thank you thank you! Your lessons are clear, down-to-earth, easy to digest, and practical. It’s really a wonderful resource and I expect to be using it every week.

    Mark Monroe

  2. October 3, 2010 3:08 pm


    The program’s going really well! There were a couple of kids there today who weren’t there last week, so we did a quick over-view of what we’d talked about, then on to the AMAZING surprise of the morning. Last week we ‘planted’ cat-grass, (it’s like a chia-pet but in a tray) and when I brought it out from the cupboard, there were six-inch high shoots there! Voila! Creation! haha! It was fabulous. Today, we taught Brian Doerkson’s Creation Calls, which we will do at the beginning from now until Reign of Christ, when I hope we’ll do it in worship in church. We talked about things still being created and we read the creation verses in John 1, as well as the Angel Gabriel telling Mary that she was going to have a son (talk about the BEST creation!). Some of that I hadn’t planned, but that’s where the Spirit led us. You know how some Sundays there just isn’t enough time? It was like that today… time flew by. Couldn’t believe it when it was time to go back to worship.

    Thanks, Rhonda, this has been an amazing impetus!

  3. October 12, 2010 9:44 am

    Hi Rhonda, hope you had a blessed thanksgiving.

    We only had 3 on Sunday (all boys, must be something in the water in St-Lambert). They were a bit rambunctious so we talked a bit about Creation, we looked at pictures from the Hubble telescope of nebulae and stars being born (God still creates) and we looked again at the map of the middle east, talking about Isreal and surrounding neighbours. I talked about the Festival of First Fruits and how we model our Thanksgiving on it. Then we went outside and to the park across the street. I asked them to gather as many different leaves (in species and in colour) and when we went back, we talked about what kind of trees they came from, etc. It was a great morning, fairly relaxed, and I’m really looking forward to starting the Moses story.

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