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Welcoming kids in church is a ministry to parents

August 10, 2010

A friend (thanks, Jen!) brought this article,  by Heather Moffitt, to my attention.  It was published on Duke University’s Faith and Leadership blog last week.   Ms. Moffitt shares her story of taking a challenging child to church:

Navigating church with a challenging child isn’t easy, and I understand why many families who desire to be part of a community of faith decide they can no longer deal with the raised eyebrows, the cramped physical space or the implicit comparisons with all the seemingly normal children. Sometimes the place that should most understand brokenness, at least theologically, is the least equipped to deal with a child with ADHD or autism.

Her story also draws attention to a deep truth about what happens when we welcome kids in church – we minister to their parents who often didn’t even realize they were in need of it.  As Ms. Moffitt concludes, “I thought I was seeking spiritual formation for my son, and discovered I needed it for my own soul.”  May your church give such a gift to the families in your midst this year.

Read the whole article: Broken behaviour: Going to church with a challenging child.


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