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Come Follow Me (Calling of the Disciples 3)

July 15, 2010

I have no reason for making this the third lesson in the series on the Calling of the Disciples – use the order you like best.

The activity included in this lesson is a follow the leader game with the option of closed eyes, if you think that would be safe.

Come Follow Me

Before the Lesson

Scope out a course for the game – if you can, set up a bit of an obstacle course


  • A long rope or a few scarves tied together.

Open with prayer. (see tip sheet)

Introduce the Story

What does “follow” mean?  What do you follow?  Who do you follow?

(instructions, directions, roads, teachers, parents, police officers)

Why do you follow these people/things? (for safety, so things will work, because we have to, so we can learn, etc.)

Today’s story is about Jesus calling some people to leave their jobs and their families to follow him.  This story calls us to follow Jesus, too.

Read the Story

One day, not too long after Jesus had started to travel around and teach, he was walking by the Sea of Galilee when he saw two brothers, Simon (who is called Peter) and Andrew. They were fishers and they were casting their net into the lake to catch some fish. Jesus said to them, “Follow me and I will make you fish for people”. Simon Peter and Andrew immediately left their nets and followed him!

As they were walking away, Jesus saw two other brothers, James and John. They were in a boat with their father Zebedee mending their nets. He called to James and John. They immediately got out of the boat and left their father to followed Jesus, too!

(Matthew 4:18-22)


What did the fishers do when Jesus called them?

Did they know who Jesus was?  Or what he was going to do?

How do you think they felt?  Were they nervous?  Excited?  Scared?

There must have been something special about Jesus to make those people trust him right away and know that they wanted to follow him.  They became disciples – disciples are people who follow someone so that they can learn everything they can about how to live like that person.  They knew that following Jesus was more important than following anything or anybody else.

Introduce the Activity

The fishers in the story set us a good example.  Jesus calls us to follow him, too, even though it might be difficult and we don’t know exactly what will happen.

We’re going to play a game about following to help us think about following Jesus.

Following the Leader

Direct everyone to stand in a line.  Bring out the scarf and have everyone hold on to it with one hand.

Explain that you will lead everyone around and that they should keep their eyes closed, if they can.

Lead the group on as challenging a course as your space and their abilities will allow.  If you think it wise, give students a chance to be the leader and take the second place yourself (with your eyes closed, too, if you can!).

Pay attention to different student’s strategies for navigating the course so you can ask about it afterwards.


How did it feel to follow the leader with your eyes closed?  Was it scary?  Exciting? Fun?

Were you able to keep them closed?

If you needed to open them, when?  Why?

Ask any questions arising from your observations during the activity.

Closing Prayer

Dear God, help us follow the example of the fishers and become Jesus’ disciples.  Make us brave and able to follow Jesus so that we can live the way he wants us to.  Amen.

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