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Stocking Your Sunday School

June 17, 2010

Here is a list of the arts and crafts materials I will use most often in Stories on the Way lessons.  I will update it if I happen to use something not on the list so that, by the end of the summer, it will be a complete list.

It does not (and will not)  include things that take time to collect (e.g. egg cartons) or require trips to specialty stores (e.g. styrofoam balls).  However, if you are a crafty sort of person – or have crafty folks in your congregation – feel free to augment these supplies with your own favourites.

In all cases, buy the best quality examples of the supply that you can reasonably afford.  Crayons that do not make strong colours or scissors that can’t cut string are terribly frustrating to use.

Buy supplies in sufficient quantity that people don’t have to spend most of their time waiting for the thing they need to be available.  Sharing is, however, a virtue.

Materials for Stories on the Way

    • plenty of crayons
    • washable markers
    • watercolour paints (a little extra work, I know, but so rewarding)
    • paint brushes
    • cups for rinsing paint brushes
    • pencils
    • pencil sharpeners
    • glue sticks
    • kid-friendly scissors
    • construction paper (many colours)
    • large drawing/painting paper
    • tissue paper (many colours)
    • cardstock (white or off-white)
    • kraft paper or paper bags
    • yarn or heavy string (for hanging Christmas decorations, for example)
    • transparent tape

Do you think I missed something important?

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  1. June 17, 2010 3:25 pm

    I think you forgot a single-hole hole punch, although I guess you could just use a scissors to make a hole for yarn. I think having a hole punch is more fun for the kids.

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