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Made in the Image of God (Creation 2)

June 1, 2010

This is the second lesson in the series on Creation but there is no reason why it couldn’t be your first or only lesson on the topic.  If that’s the case, have a quick look at the first lesson (Creation in our own Backyard) if you want some help addressing the presence of two different creation stories in the Bible.

Things to know about this lesson:

  • You will need to prepare materials in advance, including a very simple (I promise) picture.  It’s so simple you can probably do it Sunday morning just before the class starts.  A tip sheet is coming that will outline the essential supplies you will need to use Stories on the Way.

Made in the Image of God

Before the Lesson

On one or two large pieces of paper (taped together if two), prepare a simple landscape (like this one: creation scene) on which the students will tape or glue pictures of stars/sun/moon, plants,fish, birds, animals, etc..


  • the prepared landscape
  • construction paper
  • crayons/markers/pencil crayons
  • scissors
  • glue/tape

Open with prayer. (see tip sheet)

Introduce the Story

(If necessary, refer to the introduction for the Creation lesson plan, Creation in our own Backyard in order to explain the presence of two creation stories in the Bible.)

Before we being the story, I have a question. What does God look like?

Let the group offer their thoughts but make sure following point is made clear:

No one knows what God looks like but we don’t think that God has a body like we do or like other animals do. After all, God isn’t an animal – or a plant or an object of any sort. The Bible describes God but not God’s physical appearance. Instead, it tells us something about what God is like. For example, the story we are going to read today tells us that God is powerful and creative and that God likes the world that God made.

The story also tells us about people and that is the part we are going to focus on today. So pay close attention when we come to God`s creation of people.

Join in on the actions once you know them.

Read the Story (actions in italics)

In the beginning, before there was an earth or a sky, a wind from God blew over the waters and everything was dark. Then God said, (raise your arms as in prayer) “Let there be light.” And there was light. And God said, (one thumbs up) “The light is good.” God separated the light from the darkness and he called the light Day and the darkness Night.

And there was evening and morning – the first day.

Then God said, (raise your arms) “Let there be a dome to separate the water. The dome is called Sky.”

And there was a sky. And God said, (one thumbs up) “The sky is good.”

And there was evening and morning – the second day.

Then God said, (raise your arms) “Let the waters under the sky come together and let the dry land appear. The land is called Earth and the water is called Sea.” And there was earth and sea. And God said, (one thumbs up) “The earth and the sea are good.”

Then God said, (raise your arms) “Let the earth produce plants and trees.” And the earth was covered in every kind of plant and tree. And God said, (one thumbs up) “The plants and trees are good.”

And there was evening and morning – the third day.

Then God said, (raise your arms) “Let there be lights in the sky to show the seasons and the days and to give light to the earth.” And God put the sun in the sky to light the day and the moon and stars in the sky to light the night. And God said, (one thumbs up) “The sun and the moon and the stars are good.”

And there was evening and morning – the fourth day.

Then God said, (raise your arms) “Let the seas be full of living creatures and the sky be full of birds.” And there were fish and whales and turtles and eagles and sparrows and pigeons and seagulls and robins and every kind of sea creature and bird. And God said, (one thumbs up) “The sea creatures and the birds are good.” And God blessed them and said, (one hand raised in blessing) “Be healthy and have many babies so that you fill the sea and the sky.”

And there was evening and morning – the fifth day.

The God said, (raise your arms) “Let the earth be full of living creatures.” And there were cows and spiders and elephants and lizards and dogs and tigers and worms and moose and every kind of creature that lives on the land. And God said, (one thumbs up) “The land creatures are good.”

Then God said, (raise your arms) “Let there be people, made in my image, and let them take care of all the creatures in the sea and in the sky and on the land.” And God made people in God`s image. God made them male and female. Then God blessed them and said, (one hand raised in blessing) “Be healthy and have families. Fill the earth and take care of it. I have put you in charge of all the creatures and I have given you all the plants for food. I have given the plants to all the creatures for food.”

Then God looked at everything God had made and said

This is all very good.(two thumbs up)

And there was evening and morning – the sixth day.

God had made everything – the sky and the earth and the sea and all the plants and animals and people – and, on the seventh day, God rested from all the work God had done. So God blessed the seventh day and made it a special, holy day for resting and enjoying all the good things that were created.

(Genesis 1:1-2:3)


What does the story say about people? (made in God’s image; male and female; they were very good; they were put in charge)

What do you think being “made in God’s image” means? (not a physical description but a description about what we are like ‘inside’)

What does God do in this story? (creates, takes care of things, blesses things, likes creation)

Do you like to do those things? (Help the students identify ways in which they are creative/caring/etc.)

You do those things because you are made in God’s image – made to be a little bit like God. Of course, we aren’t as powerful as God so we can’t actually make a tree – but we can plant one and help it grow or we can draw one or write a poem about one or sing a song about one.

Introduce the Activity

Today, we are going to illustrate the story. Everyone will create pictures of the different things God created and cut them out. Then, while I read the story, we will add them to this scene (point out the prepared sheet of paper posted on a wall/easel) at the right section until we have a picture as full as the world.

Distribute construction paper, pencils/crayons, and scissors. Ensure multiple representatives for each day of creation (except the 7th) are made – the students should make multiple little pictures each.

The Activity (Illustrating the Story)

Once there are sufficient pictures, distribute glue sticks or pieces of tape and invite the students to add their pictures to the scene as you tell the story. Tell it slowly, leaving time after each day of creation for everyone to add all of their appropriate pictures and pronouncing it “Good” only once the day’s additions are finished. Encourage everyone to join you in the praise.


When the story is done, take a few moments for thorough admiration of the finished picture. Thank everyone for their help in this small work of creation.

Closing Prayer

Creator God, thank you for making us in your image. Help us to use the gift of creativity wisely so that the things we make will always be very good in our sight and in yours. Amen.

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  1. marcie permalink
    June 23, 2010 12:12 pm

    just looking at your lesson plans now… very exciting! found a ‘his’ in this one. Is that intentional?
    “The Bible describes God but not his physical appearance”


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